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An image with nine individual 1 foot by 1 foot portraits. six of my face, two of my hands, and one of a friend.
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The Network

What Is The CftxP Network?

It is simply a network of interconnected websites which are managed by Christopher Fornesa. All domain names and websites within this network are owned by your's truly! Why have so many websites?  I really don't absolutely need them, however, I am more comfortable expressing my thoughts (for the time being anyway) through writing rather than speaking but most comfortably, through my artwork - some of which you may here.  Anyway, thank you for taking the time to learn about me and visiting my website!  The CftxP Network is a division of CSF Links.

Sites of the CftxP Network

The following consist of the sites featured within the CftxP Network:

My personal Tumblr blog where I share, like, post, etc. to my heart's desire and the main website of the CF Blogs.

A diverse online community for like-minded individuals to focus on discussion and dialogue regarding intersectionality in society

  • Woke.Us.Org · An educational resource about the minority experience based on the philosophy of intersectionality
  • Provoke With Us · A network for the world changers within us, this is for people who are willing to or want to take action
  • Power In Autists · An online community for individuals who identify as autistic

The MOGAI+ Network · An online community for individuals who make up the totality of the MOGAI+ (marginalized orientations, gender alignments, and intersex + others and allies/LGBTQQIAAP) community

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About Chris
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