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An image with nine individual 1 foot by 1 foot portraits. six of my face, two of my hands, and one of a friend.
Works of Art By Chris Fornesa
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What Is the CftxP Company? (馃樃.cf)

My name is Christopher Fornesa and I created this site is to showcase my professional and creative pursuits and capabilities. The links listed relate to my mission and other websites and social media content while hopefully the information found here will allow you to know more about who I am as an individual.

Why Hire Me?

An image of a man with a full beard, buzz-cut hair, wide brown eyes, and glasses wearing a blue/white stripped suit. That man is me, Christopher Fornesa.

I am dedicated. I am passionate. I am committed. No matter the type of task or the type of work, if I truly believe in its worth, I will do all that I can to ensure my best performance regardless of the circumstance! 

Yes, I have transferable skills. I can easily type 59 words per minute under stress. I often take on leadership roles when something is extremely important to me. I also currently attend Houston Community College with 4.0 GPA after taking 19 classes, meaning that I've obtained a variety of skills after taking courses ranging from drawing and psychology to trigonometry and geology. 

I need guidance. The reason why I'm so akin with the idea of obtaining an education is so I can connect my goals in life with current realities. And so I'm ready to learn any new material that's required for the job or for initiating creative changes to any company.

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What I Do In-Person

My name is Chris Fornesa and I am a creator who inspires people to find the best within themselves through my creations and my story.

As I have mentioned, I am a 4.0 GPA graduate at Houston Community College where I was involved in several campus organizations and activities including my role as the President of Psi Kappa (a campus volunteer organization) as well as being a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (both prestigious national academic student organizations).

I am honored to have graduated on May 16, 2015 with my A.A. in Liberal Arts, as well as being on track for my second A.A. from HCC in Studio Art.  I have also earned enough credits to obtain my Web Publishing certificate after which I earned a 3.949 GPA.  

I am currently a student at the University of Houston with a major in Liberal Studies and concentrations in Studio Art, Political Science, and Business Foundations.

When I'm not at school, my favorite things to do (in-person) include running and walking, going to the gym, reading (in-general), and doing my best to brighten someone's day (seriously).  

Of course, art is my life, if I don't at least draw, I really don't live, even though I don't draw every day, I at least look at it or learn about it in some way!

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