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Chris Fornesa, The Idealist Advocate
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The Network

What Is The CftxP Network?

It is simply a network division of interconnected websites which are managed by Christopher Fornesa. called Chris City. The CftxP Network is composed of two separate networks, the CF Business Group which features my entrepreneurial side and the What Woke Us Network which is a network of social justice advocacy blogging communities.

Sites of the CftxP Network

The following consist of the sites featured within the CftxP Network:

  • CftxP Network · The main website and hub of the CftxP Network
  • Fornesa Business Group · The conglomerate of my entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Woke Us Conference · A conference of websites devoted to bringing justice to the public conscience
  • CftxP Green Initiative · The green pledge by the CftxP Network and its other Chris City affiliates, and managed by the What Woke Us Network

A blog on the updates, the work, and various other things about the CftxP Network as well as related topics (to give the personal touch of course).  This is a re-purposed blog using my old personal blog that has become obsolete since the creation of Chris City and, thus, I will keep the posts that already exist.

A network of entrepreneurial pursuits conducted by Chris Fornesa that exemplify his talents and entrepreneurial drive.

A diverse online community for like-minded individuals to focus on discussion and dialogue regarding intersectionality in society

  • Woke Us Conference · The main blogging community of the What Woke Us Network.
  • Woke.Us.Org · An educational resource about the minority experience based on the philosophy of intersectionality
  • Action Woke Us · A network for the world changers within us, this is for people who are willing to or want to take action
  • Autistics Woke Us · An online community for individuals who identify as autistic
  • The MOGAI+ Community · A blogging community created for the MOGAI+ community
  • The MOGAI+ Resource · A Tumblr blog where discussion occurs within the broader MOGAI+ community

A promise by Chris Fornesa, on behalf of both the CftxP Network and Chris City to remain 100% green powered and offset.

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