Welcome to The CftxP Network!

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What Is The CftxP Network?

It is simply a network of interconnected websites which are managed by Christopher Fornesa.  All domain names and websites within this network are owned by your's truly!

Sites of the CftxP Network

The hub of Chris Fornesa's (a.k.a. CftxP) online presence.

The online home of the artwork of CftxP.

My personal Tumblr blog where I share, like, post, etc. to my heart's desire and the main website of the CF Blogs.

The conglomeration of my academic/professional work

  • Resume · A list of my professional skills and achievements
  • Curriculum Vitae · A comprehensive list of my professional skills and achievements
  • Art Resume · A list of my artistic skills and achievements
  • Artist CV · A comprehensive list of my artistic skills and achievements

A diverse online community for like-minded individuals to focus on discussion and dialogue regarding intersectionality in society

  • Provoke With Us · A network for the world changers within us, this is for people who are willing to or want to take action.
  • Power In Autists · An online community for individuals who identify as autistic

The MOGAI+ Network · An online community for individuals who make up the totality of the MOGAI+ (marginalized orientations, gender alignments, and intersex + others and allies/LGBTQQIAAP) community

Bang Logos · Great business starts with a great logo! Get your's now!

Hackarade · Your Guide To Technology (Hiring Volunteer Writers - Contact To Inquire)

Selfie Online Store · Selfie Kit And Books

TravelFlight.pw · Find Low Price Hotels, Flights, Cruises and More!

Personal Projects

Free Subdomains at The Woke.Us Network

I'm looking to provide subdomains (free of charge) to interested individuals who would like a subdomain name of the following domain names:

  • Woke.Us (for both individuals and organizations)
  • Cadge.Us (for debate-oriented individuals)
  • Powerin.Us (for advocacy/activism-minded organizations)
  • Provokewith.Us (for advocacy/activism-minded individuals)

Subdomains are also available for these domain names for special interests close to my heart:
  • Mogai.org (for MOGAI+/LGBTQQIAAP individuals and focused organizations)
  • Autist.Link (for autistic advocacy groups, organizations, and autistic self-advocates)

To inquire for a subdomain of any of these domain names, make sure to go to the inquiry page at woke.us and apply for a subdomain name.  If your name is still available and the website to which you'd like the subdomain name to redirect or propogate to (DNS) is acceptable at my discretion, you should receive a notification from me within a week of your initial application claiming that I've setup the subdomain for you.  Make sure, also, that you agree to  these terms and conditions prior to applying!