Welcome to The World of CftxP

First off, who is "CftxP"?

"CftxP" is actually this guy named   Christopher Fornesa . So what should you know about him? Some would call him "shy" or "reserved" while others may (seriously actually) say that he's just brooding the next genius idea. Regardless, Chris is only trying to live life on his own terms whilst simultaneously figuring it all out himself. All you really need to know about him is that Chris has big dreams in mind and wants to become an artist, political scientist, AND lawyer. (note that folks, not OR) But really, it's all about doing the most of your best after all, right? Otherwise, you just half-assed it, and that's definitely not the legacy you're going for is it?  Anyway, it does explain why he's always got so much going on in his mind.  In some ways it's a good thing, while during others, he just needs to take it easy, at least just once in a while!  Of course, maybe you do too, so it's not like this problem is limited to this guy right here is it?  Just remember that everything here comes from the sometimes problematic, otherwise inspirational mind of Christopher Fornesa!


But.... Why CftxP?  It's kind of confusing!

"People wonder a lot why I have a website or even the username 'CftxP', I mean it is weird I guess but it's nothing like '____luver82' or one of those more suggestive titles people like their internet identities to be known as right?  That's probably why it's so peculiar.  Anyway, the story behind it is simply my initials, my state, and .... Pokemon.  Yep, this is a username I came up with at the age of 12 and I've kept it with almost every single web service I signed up for, and some people even know me solely based on this username.  So one day, I figured, why not?  It's something personal to me (in a way anyway) that I've held on to since my emerging years, and so if I already built a bit of a legacy on this one username, why can't I keep a future with it?  I am an artist anyway!  Artists crave change but always have their originality, so in associating such a unique identifier like 'CftxP' with my work, I'm able to stay true to who I am while doing the normal experimental stuff that creative types like myself love to engage ourselves in."


So wait, what exactly are you going to do?

"Currently, I am a student at Houston Community College at their most populous campus, which is located in Stafford, TX.  There, I'm studying under many great professors while getting down my basic coursework before I transfer to a four-year institution in the next year, preferably for a fine arts major.  But after that, my future is still a little vague.  However, I'm set on working towards a master's degree (if not a doctorate) in political science or a related field and probably doing work as a political cartoonist while preparing myself for a law degree as well.  Primarily, my reasoning for entering these fields is because one, I know I'm capable of success in all of them and two, I want to make sure my voice is heard, as an Asian-American, gay man with autism, people like me are hardly (if ever) represented to an acceptable degree.  Since I have at least enough of the interest, 'talent', brains, and the wits (for that matter) to 'make it', I feel like it's both my duty and destiny to walk on this path, alone or with the support of many."

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