Chris Fornesa


My name is Christopher Sugatan Fornesa, and this is a gallery of my work. This first cube contains a set of drawings. This first image is an outline of my facial hair while I was wearing a blue shirt. Outlined clearly are my moustache, my beard, and my hair.


This second image is a drawing of myself and my dog, Kiba. This study was hyperrealistic and was done using graphite, accentuating our eyes and my facial hair.


The third image is a study of my facial features, with a portrait of myself, a study of my left eye, a study of my lips, and a study of my nose. These drawings were done using graphite.


The fourth image is titled "Freedom", a minimalist piece with imagery, such as a volcano representing danger and a bird with an olive branch flying away, to represent hope.


This fifth image is a drawing that includes my eyes and a fire that represent my passion while the background textures are the struggles in life.

Yellow Dinner

"Yellow Dinner" is a playful piece that was based on a monochromatic construction paper assignment that incorporated several abstract techniques to create what could be described as a messy, but surrealistic piece.

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Figured Out

This set of nine paintings contains figures, most of which were of my face or my hands. This set was mainly a color study. Acrylic.

Who I Am

This painting/drawing is an expressive self-portrait featuring myself and my values, with several motifs that I felt, at the time, represented me. Mixed-media.


Bricks are the foundation of a well-built structure while who we are and what we represent are simply a microcosm of the society in which we take part. Watercolor.


The spiritual and reality are intertwined and, while the figures I expressed seem disembodied, in their world, the spirits are very real. Watercolor.

Industrial Hall Of Dreams

Industry is a major part of global society, and within its halls, we find our goals, dreams and ambitions. Acrylic.

Myself with Figured Out

One of my proudest achievements so far in life was when I won "Best of Show" at the Level II Art Show for students of Houston Community College in Spring 2015.

Versions of Me

Simply, this is a set of digital works that focus upon using myself and my artwork to create new art. Adobe Photoshop

Same Dude, Different Worlds

A rendered, imagined meeting between two versions of the same person, separated only by species of their native worlds.


An imagined rendering of a city-state located on a foreign world.

City on the Moon

An imagined society that makes its home on the surface of the moon.

City on Mars

An imagined society that makes its home on the surface of Mars.

City on Jupiter's Ring

An imagined society that makes its home in a cave in an asteroid located in the ring of Jupiter

About Me
This Website
My Work

This gallery contains selected works created by myself, Chris Fornesa. I am an artist with an eye for the interdisciplinary. As an artist, I enjoy using an array of media, techniques, and motifs that, altogether, serve the purpose of fulfilling my intent ‐ whatever that intent may be for that piece. I am also a web designer/developer, with the aim of creating socially-conscious and creative custom websites.

This website was designed by myself as well. I believe that art can take many forms and that, including this gallery, can serve any purpose. Art is not necessarily for the sake of only pleasing the eye but, instead, is about the process itself that is involved in creating such works.

Of course, one consideration every artist takes is whether or not a work's form is visually appealing or has any external meaning that can be imbued upon it. However, art can also be revolutionary and, to myself, seeing code as art is one way that I can embody this belief.

While my demeanor is often off-putting and doesn't seem to match my creations, it is just another part of me that, due to distrust in people, serves as a protective outer shell. However, in my work, the other dimensions of my soul can be found.

My artwork is derivative of passion and expression found deep within my soul. This is a portion of my real self that, although unexpected by most, is extremely open and lively.